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Valuing the Individual in Society

Link2Learn International Education Services, LLC (L2L) values the uniqueness of each life, the dignity of work, and the obligations of society. L2L will be a conduit of hope through education services anywhere in the world where there is need. L2L will change lives, inspire hope, and create possibilities.

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In the Classroom


Committed to Excellence

Link2Learn International Education Services, LLC (L2L) provides education services around the world through needs assessments, strategic planning and evaluation, curriculum design, development, and delivery, hybrid instruction, international networks and partnerships, and diplomatic engagement. L2L creates awareness about special education needs, disabilities, and exceptionalities. L2L provides services for persons with different abilities through adaptive, behavioral, and cognitive evaluations, team diagnoses, therapies and treatment, and referrals. L2L enables possibilities for persons who are differently abled to reach their fullest potential through parent support and training of parents and families, teachers and practitioners.

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