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Consulting with Purpose

As parents, we provide or try to provide everything our child needs. That is normal. However, there are times when as parents we are bewildered, frustrated, and lost in the process. We need to rely on the strength of our community to get us past a hurdle. Link2Learn is here to support parents struggling with finding appropriate help for their child. 

Many children with exceptionalities are undiagnosed. A diagnosis answers many questions. A diagnosis provides several benefits. Early diagnosis is critical. It improves the child's ability to reach their academic potential. Early diagnosis prevents the development of low self-esteem. It forestalls behavior problems that further interfere with their ability to learn.  Link2Learn will provide guidance through the referral process and even provide evaluation.

An evaluation is the first step toward getting needed help for your child. An evaluation can lead to your child getting needed support to thrive at school. The school will use the results to decide if your child is eligible. The evaluation will show exactly which areas your child is struggling in and will provide help that targets that area/s. 

An Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be developed for your child and may even include support in the form of occupational therapy or/and speech therapy.The IEP will include specific goals for your child and ways to measure progress. Link2Learn will support parents in changing lives, inspiring hope, and creating possibilities. Link2Learn also provides parent support in the form of counseling and parent support groups.

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